Unscripted Movie Scene! Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman (1990)  In what became an iconic part of the movie that everyone remembers, Edward  (Richard Gere) presents Vivian (Julia Roberts) with an exquisite diamond necklace. As Roberts reaches out to touch it Gere unleashes an unscripted playful moment and snapped the lid shut which genuinely surprised Roberts. It was such an adorable moment and an iconic laugh that the director Marshall decided to leave it in the film as is.

Who else wanted to grow up to be a call girl after watching this movie? 


A look at the New Asus Chromebox

A Very Small Computer With Seemingly Unlimited Use

This “gadget” is a not toward the path the digital aspect of our society is taking.  That is declining desktops and even laptops, and more portable, cloud, tablets and mobile phones and other devices.

Not the strongest feature of the Asus Chromebox, the picture and video quality will satisfy all but the most snobby videophiles among us.

There is definitely an appeal aspect the newest Asus Chromebox brings to the table. It’s among the least-expensive desktop computers actually sold coming in at around $180 — and definitely among the smallest. Dimensions are 1.7-inch-high rectangular slab, 4.9 inches on a side.  To compare it to a popular item, it’s maybe a slightly larger than normal power brick to a laptop.  

That’s not to imply that points aren’t altering. Your lives are moving online. Recently, a PAL said — “Whoa, you nearly forgot your notebook! All of your information is lost by You’d — your whole life!” But basically, I wouldn’t lose much of something. Almost every important things on my notebook is kept online and supported immediately: photos, calendar, address book, files, email, and so on.

I noticed quickly that monitor, keyboard and mouse aren’t included. Those components might cost another $75 or more. Or less, based on what you’ve how cheap and got laying around your house a shopper you’re.

The Chromebox is the pc version of Google’s Chromebook laptop principle, meaning it’s meant entirely for doing things online.

Yes, it’s true: the Chromebox can’t perform traditional “PC” operations like running Photoshop, Microsoft Office or Minecraft. Is this nod heading in the right direction as a good thing, or a bad thing?  Interestingly enough people seem to disagree here somewhat.  I.e. more apps more mobile is good, big bloated programs are not.

It runs the Flash plug-in, but it can’t run browser plug-ins like Java or Silverlight, meaning a couple of internet-based games and video playback websites won’t work. If you attach a webcam, you can conduct video shows using Google’s Hangouts attribute — but you can’t use Skype.

And, obviously, you can use all Google’s on-line products: Google Files (for dealing with Microsoft Word and Excel documents), Gmail, Google Maps, etc.

Chrome computers are inexpensive, small, easy to use and secure.  For now, anyways, mostly due to their novelty.  Incredible home pcs are made by chrome products, for example — great for fast queries, debate-negotiating, waiting-for-the-wire-person surfing. They’re fantastic for children, whose lifestyles (including schoolwork) are mostly online these days. And proper or any household, a Chrome unit makes a superb second or third computer.

The new unit, the Asus Chromebox, is everything it’s supposed to be including inexpensive. Despite having a little lover, it’s absolutely silent. It’s lots of connectors: four USB jacks (the fast 3.0 type), an HDMI jack for connecting a Television, a Display Port for a projector or perhaps a monitor, an Ethernet jack, audio, and even a slot for the memory card out of your camera. WiFi is built-in.

There’s 16 gigabytes of storage inside (many applications can store themselves on the box, for use when you don’t have a net connection) — but there’s also 100 gigabytes of storage waiting for you online from Google. You will get that substantial storage locker at no-charge for two decades. That’s lots of Excel and Word files. (You can assist those, recall, thanks to the free Google Files website online.)

A faster version of the Asus is coming in April for $370 — doesn’t really seem worth it — and a corresponding keyboard/mouse package is coming quickly for $50.

I suppose the biggest question is how consumers react.  If the Asus Chromebox is embraced with open arms, I expect it will continue to drive these types of smaller and cloud-based devices into a bigger slice of the pie that is “computers.”  Time will tell, but I’m digging it!

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